Short Video Teaching & Production

I am developing a project designed to ease the challenges faculty face in creating instructional YouTube-like video lectures.  I believe that short streaming video has the capacity to revolutionize teaching, but that its potential is limited by institutions’ failure to help faculty develop videos at a grassroots level.

Research Methodology

This class teaches students to used evidence-based reasoning and empirical research to solve practical decision-making problems.  Students will learn basic concepts of evidence-based decision-making, principles of science, basic methodological choices, survey research, and quantitative analysis on Stata.

American Capitalism

This class teaches students to apply principles of informal reasoning and argumentation in discussions of today’s most divisive issues in economic politics.  Topics include free trade, financialization, labor market regulation and unionism, welfare, taxation and spending, public debt, health care, and old age security.

Advanced Statistical Analysis

This graduate level class teaches students to construct multivariate regression models properly.  Topics include linear and non-linear cross-sectional, longitudinal and panel models, regression diagnostics, missing data, sample weighting, and graphing.