Data Sets

Some major public data sets that I use in my research, for colleagues and students who also might want to use them:

The World Development Indicators.  A motherlode of macroeconomic, developmental, government and social data, published by the World Bank.   Covers most of the world from 1960 – present.

World Governance Indicators.  A set of six  indexes that quantify the degree to which governments’ are democratically accountable, politically stable, ruled by laws, free of corruption, effective, and inclined to generate high quality regulation.  Published by the World Bank.  Covers most of the world from 1996 – present.

Economic Freedom of the World.  Produced by a conservative Canadian think tank.  It approximates, but is not equal to, neoliberalism.  

Polity IV.  The Polity IV assesses political system’s degree of democracy or authoritarianism.  

Correlates of War.  The Correlates of War measures the incidence of armed conflict globally.